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Meet Bruno Sirota

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

Can you tell us a little about your background, study, life, mentors?

My 2 grandmothers used to teach me a lot about art. One of them use to be a painter and the other one plays the piano since she was very young.

They took me since I was very young, to see exhibitions and concerts. That's was my very beginnings in the art world. Those days, when I used to go around with them to see art, I experienced a special event. A day of visiting new places, watching new stuff.

Those were days full of joy, art, and knowledge.

That's my very beginning in the art world. It threw them.

When I was 8 or 9 years old I’ve started by drawing lessons for kids in a small studio in my city. La Plata, Buenos Aires.

22 years later, I can say that life gave me many mentors besides academic and private studies in art.

Some of them are Juan Bertola, Alfredo Bedoya, and Jaquelina Abraham.

Also, I went to the National University of La Plata and studied Art there.

I earned a degree in Art teaching and also a degree in Art.

When did you start doing art? Street Art?

After an amazing experience of muralism event, 2010 in Cuba. I’ve been there for a month painting a mural with 30 more people. This was an event in Santiago de Cuba.

This experience made me understand a kind of essence of what I consider:

what should be, working and painting in the public space.

What lead you to do street Art?

My city and the environment of it. All the graffitis and the necessity of being in the public space. The idea about exhibit your work in the streets was, I guess, the main goal in order to do this kind of activity.

We use to go out in the middle of the day, choose a wall, and start painting on it. It was really fun.

Which techniques you use, which techniques you want to learn?

I come from graphic design language. I used to do engraving and printmaking. So I guess my art is a transition from that language to the color and painting language.

In the university, I did many drawing lessons and the practice makes its own road.

I would like to explore this kind of graffiti language. The spray Paint, the street, the hurry, the immediate action is something I like. But I prefer being painting in the studio.

What is the type of interactions you expect from people? What are the usual interactions you have?

Since I'm with this emoji stuff, I got many interactions from all different kind of people. I mean old people and very Young people. When I discover that, I felt that I was on a good road. Receiving interactions threw pictures, laughs and good vibes from people in the street is a nice feeling while you Paint. It makes you feel you are doing the correct thing.

Let's say: Art in the public space is good for human interactions.

What advice would you give to a beginner in this?

My advice is to keep going. Keep doing whatever you feel you want to do in the Art Sense. Practise is how you should measure your stuff. The quality on it and how it looks at the end.

Where can we see your work?

All my stuff is basically on my Instagram page, @brunosirota

I still don't have a proper website, but Instagram is a good platform to exhibit and share your work.

Where can we buy it?

I would really like if someone wants to buy my work. It's on Instagram also and contacting me through brunosirota@gmail.com

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