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Meet Animals facing left

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

Let's present your work

First and foremost, my work is inspired by animals and nature.

When people think about street art, they immediately relate to urbanism.

For me, I relate to nature, and in some ways, it also represents what is happening in the world, the vegan market, and Life more generally.

My surroundings, where I grew up, my experience but also merchandising & environmental awareness, has a big influence on my work.

The first cause is to promote animal rights through my art. It’s connected to the reality that we are facing as humans.

We should speak for the ones that cannot claim their rights.

The choice in this minimalist approach comes from the idea that you can instantly recognize /identify animals without details, coloring, or effects.

Simplify the medium to simply the message.

This project started as a family project, with my sisters and as a family, and they encouraged me to publish and share my works. Therefore I started interacting with people, and realized many artists share the same position.

Animals facing Left, Kiryat Hamelacha, Tel Aviv 2017

About you

I grew up in a very small village in nature (in the ’80s), with vegan parents, by these times, society didn’t really accept and understand their choice, but happily today it became a major conversation.

I dropped off regular studies at the age of 15 and then went to art school. I loved to study there and had an arrangement with the school that I could access the drawing room from the early morning until the school was closed, to only focus on drawing and creating, supported by my local community.

In the last few years I was more focused on street art, and had to opportunity to travel and to be able to spread my message in different countries, and interact with different communities and therefore to enlarge my animal vocabulary.

For example, in Spain, I’ve made a mural about bulls, since it's an animal that is treated terribly in this country.

Let’s talk about work, how do you work, what is your process, and current projects?

My main work is painting on paper, with technical pen (0.3) on paper, with a small scale to relate to iconic representation in our world.

Drawing different species and animals have always been part of my practice. Since I started sharing I was able to explain and raise awareness for my cause, around the world, thanks to social media.

To some point, my work extended to from street art to exhibitions, which helped to connect with the audience and to raise awareness in the local communities.

Now, that my work and my messages  has been spread internationally. I’ve started my brand, in which I designed a collection that was launched the second of February in the first vegan fashion week in Los Angeles and had great success. Now, in the process of expanding to other countries.

The first collection is called Animal Facing Extinction. Every month, we focus on different endangered animals or threatened species to raise awareness and support the nonprofits that help them.

I work closely with my sisters that help me from scratch until publication, with the branding, marketing and fashion side.

We produce everything in America and Europe, while respect fair trade and environmental production.

Pangolin, Vegan fashion by Animals Facing Left

All the garments are only produced by demand, for many reasons:

We want to produce a product for awareness, and preserve the environment.

We also consider customers as special and want to provide them with a quality product.

We prefer to propose quality than quantity.

We can provide a lot of options for animal designs, and options that you can purchase, and even special orders are available.

This year we are partnering with World Animal Protection, and will collaborate with few organizations in our #AnimalsFacingExtinction campaign, including the Endangered Wolf Center, the Amphibians foundation, and more.

To support their causes, 10% of the profits are donated to various animal rights organizations.


Starting from 2019, I’ll be fully working in this direction. Meaning, I’ll continue to develop the connections with other people and companies that share this vision and try to enlarge it.

Hopefully, people will realize the importance of preserving the animals and ecosystems of our world, and even in big cities, we can have a different approach and make meaningful connections to finding solutions and ways to move forward.

Reflections about future and what to make things change:

Do you believe in art as a tool for making a real change?

Do you feel the need to help the animals of our planet?

Have you found any interest in endangered species and thought about how you can help?

where can we see your work?



Message to the younger generation and beginners in Art or Activism

From my experience, you can have a certain vision that carries your work process. It can become a motivation for the creative process.

Observe your artistic separation, and allow yourself to collaborate. Get inspired by other artists, and connect with them, invite them in your path, and your will earn more than you think.

Organizations/brands/artists/countries/projects that I want to work with:

I wish to draw 3 giant giraffes on Azrieli center buildings. If you are the ceo, give me a call:)

Stella McCartney is a huge inspiration for me and I would love to collaborate with her.

Cloud drawings, digital art, Animals Facing Left

Plazmalab, Tel Aviv, Israel

Close up,Animals Facing left, exhibition at Kuli Alma, Tel Aviv

Animals Facing left, exhibition at Kuli Alma, Tel Aviv

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Kiryat Hamelacha, Tel Aviv, Israel