Hanina Gallery//making Art, acting for a change.

Who started the gallery and what is your motto?

Hanina contemporary art was founded by Jonathan Hirschfeld and Yakir Segev in 2008 at 25 Hanina st. Jaffa. After a year of activity with only the two of us operating as curators, designers, hangers, maintainers etc., the original location was closed down and we decided to recreate Hanina as a collaborative artists-owned gallery. After a year of of searching for the other Hanina members we had formed a group of 12 artists and renovated the two-levels space at 31 Y.L.Peretz st. in south tel aviv, near the central station, which was active until November 2014. Hanina was recently relocated to 5 Hamerets st. Kiryat HaMelacha area, Tel Aviv.

Our motto was to form an act of giving, which is not at all common in Israeli art world, meaning: not to exhibit ourselves but to enable and expand a broader Israeli art discourse;  once omitting ourselves as exhibiting artists of the gallery and also the economical aspects of managing an Art gallery it enabled different voices, not necessarily the usual artists of the commercial Israeli art world, to exhibit and experiment with less expected phenomenons in the Israeli Art, including newly graduated artists but also older artists from different generations.

Who are the gallery "owners"/members and how is the the space run? How are decisions made?

The gallery is ran by 12 Artists in a democratically group-decided logic, where every artist is in charge of his own specialty on the daily routine basis (electricity, design, writing, Facebook etc) but also function as a project manager/curator of an exhibition/project he would like to create during the running year. 

Currently, Hanina gallery is collaborating with Hagar Brill as Chief curator.

At the moment the owners are: Yakir Segev, Jonathan Hirschfeld, , Vered Aharonovitch, ,Shira Gepstein Moshkovich, Inbar Frim, Michael Igudin, Reuma Zohar Chayot, Tziky Eisenberg, Ron Vinter, Shirel Safra, Daniella Parsay and Shira Reiman.

Are there external curators you use or do the artists curate the shows and alternate on that role?

Off course, from time to time external curators were realizing their projects Hanina. We are very liberal and do not limit ourselves to self-curating and always invite external curators to work with us.

Do you also exhibit works by artists who are not members of the gallery? If so, How do you select them?

As I explained earlier, the Goal of Hanina was not the operate as a space for self-representation and exhibition of its members, but to allow different artists from different aspects of the local art world to be able to exhibit in a professional but also free of charge art gallery. we rarely exhibit ourselves. 

The selection of the exhibitions and the contents is made through a discussion of all of Hanina's members to make sure the chosen projects are meeting with the gallery's ideology and its goals.

What made you move to Kiryat Hamelacha? tell us a bit about the neighbourhood in terms of its art scene. 

we have moved here because after 5 years of operating a gallery on a rather deserted corner in southern of tel Aviv, with almost no other cultural activity around us, we realized we need to operate among other galleries, so public recognition could be obtained but also to deepen our individual way of letting other voices in Israeli art to surface. We needed a more professional location for that, facilities-wise but also crowd-wise.

How do you see the neighborhood ten years from now?

We hope it would not totally submit to gentrification. 

What are the challenges of running a co-op gallery?

First and foremost it is a daily struggle for survival on the economical aspect of running a free-of-charge no-fees gallery. Over the last years we do enjoy a modest support from the ministry of culture but we also rely on self-funding. Another challenge is to always try to challenge the artistic level, production, and aspiration of our projects even though the resources are limited.

Hanina Gallery//חנינה גלריה

5 shvil Hamerets//שביל המרץ 5

Kiryat Hamelacha //קרית המלאכה

Tel Aviv//תל אביב




Upcoming event: opening May 16, 8pm

collective show: פתיחה חגיגית - הערכת נזקים - תערוכה קבוצתית

Adar goldfarb//אדר גולדפרב Inbar frim//ענבר פרים Anna carmi//אנה כרמי Rotem rozenboim//רותם רוזנבוים Keren zaltz//קרן זלץ Eran hadas//ערן הדס Zohar gotesman//זוהר גוטסמן Maya Marom//מיה מרום


Previous show at Hanina Gallery

"My Soul" - Solo Exhibition//"נשמה שלי" תערוכת יחידה

Reuma Zoher Chayot//ראומה זוהר חיות

Consulting Curator: Hagar Bril//ליווי אוצרותי: הגר בריל

Photographs: Reuma Zoher Chayot//צילומים: ראומה זוהר חיות

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Kiryat Hamelacha, Tel Aviv, Israel