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Updated: Dec 29, 2018

i moved to Israel 2 years ago. I discover this neighborhood a little bit more than a year ago.

This place is amazing. it's raw, it's messy, it's colorful, it 's a lot!

Each corner you have different colors from the street art, all different businesses that propose different service and do amazing crafts, artists, musicians, all that in a former industrial area in the south of Tel Aviv.

One day, I was outside on the balcony, staring at the building, and I thought: let's do something for us, support the community.

I started talking about it, in the studio, with neighbors, with random people, friends in France. I was thinking what can make a change, even a small one???

So, as I was brainstorming in the studio and thinking how to make it better but my way.

Then I met Ora, we talked about the website, also the neighborhood, the buildings. I also had the chance to meet with Dinah, Dana, Irith, like charlie's angels of street art.

Then I started to build the website, contact people, go door to door in the neighborhood with my accent, my funny face.

I explained the idea: doing a website about the neighborhood, present business, artist, musicians, designers, street arts, events, all the amazing souls that work here-for free.

Of course, a lot of people thought it was a scam, that I would never happen, or that after I would ask for money. well as you can see, it happened, the website is online, if you work in the neighborhood send us an email, or come visit.

we plan to do more in further months with/for the neighborhood.

we'll be happy to show you, and you're welcome anytime

Special Thanks for all the people supporting this project, people who helped and even people who said no, it gave me even more strength.

Studio Hamifal 1, Ora, Dinah, Dana, Irit, the businesses, artists, designers, musicians, crazy guy from the hatnufa street.

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Kiryat Hamelacha, Tel Aviv, Israel