Jessica Moritz//ג'סיקה מוריץ

Mixed media artist, graduated from the Fine Arts of Paris. she also worked several years in high tech and collaborative Art projects in France and New York.

Passionate about colors and interactions.

She took the initiative to open a collective project in Kiryat hamelacha, Tlv.

She manages the social media, graphic design and website.

She coordinates projects and communication with the artists and different organizations. 

Fanny Horowitz//פאני הורוביץ

Mixed media artist.

Master of Business Administration.  VP of Branding and Marketing until 2015.

Created and promotes the connection between Kiryat Hamelacha and the Tel Aviv Municipality, whose main goals are:

  • Promoting the status of artists working in Kiryat Hamelacha

  • Environmental rehabilitation of the Kirya complex

  • Promoting, in the Kirya, municipal projects and projects sponsored by the municipality, aiming to establish Kiryat Hamelacha as the leading center in Tel Aviv’s vibrant art scene. As a neighborhood that will be a national and international attraction for art lovers, such as leading neighborhoods in New York, London and Berlin.

Idith Levy//עידית לוי

Multi Media artist: Painting, photography, mixed Media. 

Earned a BA degree in Art from Tel Aviv University. 

Idith managed the Educational Department of the Museum of Israeli art, later on she was the founder and the manager of a non profit Art gallery and Studios in Florida. 

Idith participated in several Art shows mainly in the USA. ( Miami, Orlando, L. A, and Chicago)


In Kiryat Hamelacha project Idith is in charge on the Hebrew and English translations in our social Media, and website. 

She is also taking part as a project content advisor. 

Ora Hartman//אורה הרטמן

 Second generation active member  in Kiryat hamelacha, Tlv.

She manages the Street Art project, works in collaborations with owners, business and Artists.
Working on approvals with property owners, responsible for project budgets.
She manages relations and hosts the artists from the Kirya, from Israel and all over the world.

Ofer Zick//עופר זיק

Artist, Designer and Teacher, graduated from Holon institute of technology, passionate about mythology and Art. 

He designed a smart map of the kiryat to facilitate navigation and improve urbanism and visit  in the Kirya.


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